Dear participants and guests of ODESSA LIGHT FEST!

Organizing Committee of the Festival regrets to inform you that ODESSA LIGHT FEST, planned for October 16-18 2015, which we all have been preparing for so thoroughly, is postponed.

We have come a long way together, put in a lot of effort, time and energy to create one of the most beautiful world-level events in our country. The additional preparation time that we have now will be dedicated to improvement and development of the program, so that ODESSA LIGHT FEST can become a really significant event for all of us, and pave the way for the tradition of light festivals in Ukraine!

We are sure that the disappointment brought by the postponing of the festival will only enhance the future taste of victory for our contestants. And the joy brought by the event, which has become international during its organization stage, will have no limits. Thousands of spectators will come to enjoy the magic and beauty of light on the day when we together will make the world a brighter place in one particular city!

New information about the dates of the key events of the festival will be additionally announced on the official portal and website of ODESSA LIGHT FEST Festival, as well as on Facebook.

Organizing Committee