ODESSA LIGHT FEST invites visual artists to talk about science and miracles

Science as a Miracle. There is a study’s subject of visual artists for the Third International Art Festival “Odessa Light Fest”, taking place on the both Christmas and New Year eve for the first time. It is rather the most fabulous time of the year. Street illumination has long become an integral tradition of winter holidays. And the heart of everyone, even the most dreary skeptic continues to fade in a childish way, waiting for real miracles during these amazing days. We are accustomed to the daily technology magic, but usually smile, when reading old fairy tales about carpet-planes or silver saucers with golden apples, being able to show what is happening over distant lands. We are surprised when the nearest buildings are transformed into fantastic objects, opening Other Universes.

And this is only a slight sad soul’s desire to light. Light, transforming the world, inspiring us to creativity, while the mind’s light gives us millions of incredible scientific discoveries, opening the way to universe comprehending with all its wonders. Christmas is a holiday of Good, and the week before Christmas is a time of miracles and magic. We are sowing both our dreams and hopes right now, rejoicing in their accomplishment with each new day. All this would have been impossible without faith in ourselves and humanity, without love and light within us, and also without interaction. Driven by a thirst for knowledge and based on science, we create everyday magic. And the Festival of Light on the Christmas eve reminds knowledge to be light as well as possible. And the light is the magic of Good.
Recall that applications are accepted until November 15, and completed work – until December 21. The projects of the finalists of the 3D Video Art projection contest will be presented on the facade of the city council building in Odesa on December 23-25, where thousands of spectators will see them. They play a key role in determining the winners of architectural light projections, which the Odessa City Council established a prize fund of 213,000 UAH.

Starting from November, 01 those who wish to enter the competition will be able to submit entry applications to the following nominations: Art Mapping Prize (Classic & Contemporary Art VideoMapping); VJ Light Art Prize.

Deadlines for submission of entry applications:
– you need to send the on-line application form by November 15th on the website:

– Applications and contest work presentations are accepted until November 30th.
The application form should be downloaded, filled in, printed out, signed and sent along with the portfolio by November 30th to the email: Nomination and team name should be given in the email subject. It is also needed to prepare a contest work presentation and send it until November 20st.

Detailed information and technical specification available on the website: Participation in the contest is free.

Completed artwork must be sent by December 21st to the email:

Good luck with your entries!