On October 16-18 a festival of light and media art Odessa Light Fest will take place. Multimedia shows, combination of light and music, and architectural mapping presented at the festival will surprise and amaze even the most demanding audience, and transform the look of the city beyond recognition. Ukrainian organizers of the bright international show chose Odessa as the place for the festival.

The goal of the festival is to showcase Ukraine for the world, to attract tourists, and to promote Odessa on the Ukrainian and world levels. The organizers of the festival are also sure that the event will become a unique platform for ideas and self-expression of the young talents that are abundant in Ukraine.


This became known on August 5, at the briefing of the city authorities of Odessa and the organizers of Odessa Light Fest, which was held in Odessa City Hall.

“We get a unique opportunity to present Ukraine on the same innovational and technical level as a series of large cities of the world, with Amsterdam, Lyon, Berlin, and Sydney among them, and to align the country with the modern trends of conducting entertainment events and to use these instruments for cultural and tourist development of other regions of the country. And the most valuable is the chance to give the people of Odessa and the guests of the city an amazing atmosphere of warmth and inspiration, which will immerse everyone into a magical fairy tale created by the latest technologies, –  said the founder and organizer of Odessa Light Fest Tatiana Lorents. – We will be thrilled to see the guests from the whole country at the festival, and we will do everything to facilitate the creation of loyal conditions for tourist trips to our festival”.


Odessa Light Festival is a large scale and bright event, which will become the new calling card of Odessa. Within the festival, Ukrainian artists, animators and designers will create a number of light and multimedia objects, which will represent the whole range of the innovative and technical potential of Ukraine in one project.

The organizing committee of the festival selected architectural objects, which best embody the appearance and vibe of Odessa. They are distinctive, recognizable for both Odessa dwellers and the guests of the city: the Primorsky Boulevard ensemble, Opera and Ballet Theater, Colonnade, Odessa Sea Port, the Quarantine Pier with the Powder tower, Shevchenko Park, The Potemkin Stairs, Odessa City Council.

“It is hard to surprise Odessa with something new. But, fortunately, a project came up, which will showcase our city in a totally new light, in the literal and figurative sense of the word. The thing that the festival organizers are offering us will allow us to fall even deeper in love with Odessa, to admire it, and it will attract both tourists and investors. The is why the city authorities has agreed to hold such an unusual and colorful festival in Odessa” – said the Secretary of the Odessa City Council Oleg Bryndak.


For the duration of the festival, a contest program is planned for anybody willing to participate – from young designers and marketing and creative teams representing various brands, agencies and public associations, with a common topic of “Intersection of Civilizations”.

Media works with duration ranging from 5 sec to 10 minutes will be demonstrated on façades of buildings. An exhibition of light installations will also be organized.



International festival of light ODESSA LIGHT FEST is an outstandingly beautiful interactive show and one of the most spectacular events in the world. With the help of the most advanced 2D and 3D graphic technologies, special illumination, interactive solutions, architectural lighting and artistic installations, talented artists alter the look of the city beyond recognition.

Similar festivals take place in more than 20 other cities all over the world, and each attracts from 500,000 to 4 mln. spectators.